In 1999 aged 53 I suffered a spinal infection in the cervical and thoracic areas of my spine. After surgery all my muscles wasted and I could not move.After six months in the National Rehabilitation Hospital I regained sitting balance and could move my legs a little. On discharge I started Physiotherapy with Philomena O Dowd in the year of 2000.

Under her guidance I have regained my standing balance and can now move around my home on crutches. She continues to strengthen my muscles with static and dynamic exercises. Over the years she has varied these exercises to stimulate all my muscle groups. In conjunction with Physiotherapists at the National Rehabilitation Hospital Philomena continues to work on my core muscles in particular. Currently she is focusing on my dynamic balance via table tennis, wobble board, parallel bars and treadmill.

Phil’s persistence, good humour and optimism has been an inspiration. When I have been low she has always rekindled my hope. She always strives for 110% when one would be satisfied with 80%. Philomena’s commitment is total and I recently had a Eureka moment – I walked for the first time.

Dan O Sullivan, Cork.

“I have been a patient of Phils for a number of years. During my physio sessions and consultations with Phil I have always found the service to be very professional and the treatments very thorough. More recently Phils early detection of a disc problem resulted in emegency surgery which prevented a deterioration in my condition. I would have no hesitation in recomending Phil ODowd”.

Jim Murphy

After back surgery in 2008, I needed to have Physiotherapy and Phil was recommended by a friend as a “great back physio”. And was she right!

I started a course of treatment in spring 2009 and could feel a marked improvement fairly quickly.  She has the ability to put your mind at rest about your ailment and does it in a clear and down to earth way.  Once the course was completed, I decided to attend her on a monthly basis to ensure that my back continued to stay in good condition.

Since then I have been back to her for rehabilitation following a broken leg and recently I went to Phil in a panic thinking my back problem had returned but following an examination, she reassured me that this was not the case but was due to stress.  She has a great ability  to take in the whole person when she is treating you and as a result can quickly establish your problem.

It goes without saying that Phil is the ultimate professional and top of her game but its the additional elements that she brings that makes her unique.  She has a great sense of humour, very kind, empathetic and is a great listner.  When you leave her treatment room, you feel better toth physically and mentally|

Louise Condon.